50 things they don’t tell you about travelling

50 things they don’t tell you about travelling

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Thought I’d write a quick list, (which turned in to a long one of us laughing over what we thought of!) to try and put in to writing what we’ve discovered from this amazing experience travelling. It may seem like some of them are horrific or gross, but it’s all added to everything and we would not change a single thing! Don’t let it put you off, it’s a cliché but we’ve grown as people and these are the incredible reasons why:

  1. The broken barriers with your travel partner
  2. Your acceptance cockroaches flying in your face when you’re sleeping – yes this happened to me in Sihanoukville the second I turned off the light. We slept the rest of the night with the light on and no pillows because it had been on them!
  3. Your acceptance of dirt in general – we’ve had hairs in our bed, dirty sheets and filthy floors in the bathroom, but you quickly find that your rooms are cleaner than anywhere else you’ll go! Besides we were just grateful for a bed after all of the overnight buses we had!
  4. How to deal with needing to go for a wee on an overnight bus that won’t be stopping for 5 hours – Quickly being able to squat by the side of the road next to a dark park behind a pillar so no one could see you from the bus. You will be that desperate!
  5. Learning to not drink ANYTHING for 4 hours before taking an overnight bus!
  6. How to deal with food poisoning on an overnight bus – well poisoning from drinking the water from a juice on a market stall. Thank you to the couple who gave me charcoal tablets from a local store which cured me within half an hour!
  7. How the medication abroad is just so much better than anything back home – mosquito cream from India, sickness tablets from Asia, post-bite sticks from Athens, you’ll miss them when you go home and nothing works as well!
  8. Washing your clothes in the hostel sink
  9. Having a constantly damp towel from your packing it away after your morning shower
  10. Getting used to wearing the same outfit three days running 
  11. Going a longer time without a shower than you should do – those overnight buses…
  12. How grateful you become for the little things – carpet, towels, a hot shower, food.
  13. Constantly scratching the skin off your mosquito bites and taking out your anger on the next mosquito!
  14. Losing sleep from being so itchy because of those bites!
  15. How noisy mosquitos actually are – the noise of them will wake you up because they buzz like a wasp in your ear, it will quickly become part of your nightmares
  16. How you’ll stop asking what it is exactly I’m eating – canteen food at our school is always unrecognisable
  17. How used to spitting out your food on to your plate you’ll be – whole chunks of ginger will cause that
  18. Your loss of table manners – you can not wait for everyone’s food to arrive, sometimes we’ve eaten desert before the other ones main has come out
  19. Your change of fashion sense – welcome the elephant pants, they really are the best thing for travel days
  20. How dirty your feet are all the time – flip flop problems
  21. How amazed you are when you see a westerner – You will be staring at them as much as you are stared at now!
  22. How you instantly go to say hello to a westerner because they must know you right?
  23. How you search out the weirdest snacks in the supermarket to try – head to our snacks diary here!
  24. How you have no filter on what you say now because they probably can’t understand you anyway
  25. How useful a sewing kit becomes – for someone who has never properly sewn something up before
  26. How useful an extension cord is – especially in a hostel where there are limited plugs and you need three at once!
  27. Sellotape becomes everything
  28. Tweezers can be used for anything
  29. How your toenail varnish is always chipped
  30. How much of a bad deal we have in the UK – Everything is so so cheap here. Especially in China, the wages are so so high, with accommodation and food included, so your money is all yours!
  31. How the google translate app is now your best friend
  32. How easy it is to be vegetarian in South East Asia and how much more accepted it is over here
  33. How you don’t know how to cross the road safely anymore – you will just walk out in to the traffic and hope they avoid you (which they will)
  34. How much you will be stared at – we feel like celebrities, people genuinely want to take photos with you everywhere, interview you for TV and will take sneaky photos of you to send to their friends
  35. How paranoid you’ll be of someone just holding their phone up because they might be taking a sneaky photo of you – They always have their phone calls on loud speaker here so this is more often than you’d think!
  36. How many times someone will come and stand beside you and pose for someone taking a photo without asking – you’ll sit there in disbelief!
  37. How many times you’ll pay too much because you’re western
  38. How many times you’ll get free stuff given to you because you’re western – I’ve bought clothes and found extra tops in the bag, got free food bought over in restaurants and not paid on public transport
  39. How it’s harder to return home than it is to leaveClassic wing above the sunrise plane shot
  40. How sleep deprived you will be – it’ll surprise you how little sleep you can survive on!
  41. How you’ll go without makeup/doing your hair more times than you should
  42. How dirty your stuff will become – Our backpacks have been covered in more stuff than we want to think about, including fish water on overnight buses where they transfer local stuff in the hold with your luggageVicki and Matt backpacking
  43. How they play extremely loud music for hours on overnight buses – including heavy metal at 3am in Myanmar (Burma)
  44. How much walking you will do – 4-hour walks to get somewhere are more normal than you’d think
  45. How you can’t even brush your teeth in tap water, even if it’s boiled
  46. How quickly you pick up a language when you live in it
  47. How a battery pack is your number one item – kindles, Spotify, the download option of Netflix, you will need it!
  48. How you can fall asleep anywhere – yes, I had a nap on top of a temple in Myanmar waiting for the sunrise at 4am
  49. How to barter – and how much they respect men more when it comes to this, Matt closes all the deals
  50. How amazing Asian markets are!

Vicki xo

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50 Things They Don't Tell You About Travelling
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