Taking the leap

Taking the leap

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I’ve often come across the usual comments you get when travelling… ‘I could never do that!’, ‘you went to India on your own?! That’s brave’, ‘Do you not find it hard to leave?’.

Temples that I camped in the shadow of in Orchha, India

I overheard a conversation a while ago, someone had commented that they didn’t have a passport, hadn’t had one for 10 years and were actually proud of that?! I understand everyone has different interests, however I think this may be contributing to the rise in nationalism right now…. It got me thinking about my favourite quote to do with travelling. I don’t know who it’s by, but I’ve come across it many times


“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”. – anonymous

Watching the sunrise over the Himalayas in Pokhara, Nepal
Swimming in waterfalls in Lombok, Indonesia

It explains exactly how I feel. It’s harder to return home than it is to leave. You feel like a completely different person, just to discover that life is EXACTLY the same as when you left. Of course, I miss home, I miss my family and I miss my Labrador but I do struggle with how boring everyday life can be. Getting up and going to work, doing a 9-6 job and being too tired to do anything but go home, eat and go to bed. I love getting out and doing new things, experiencing new cultures, and I hate how backwards looking the UK is… Since moving to China, I’ve seen how life actually should be. They focus on spending time together as a family, they take their kids to the park ALL the time, where there are huge play areas that I still want to go in now! They have a two-hour lunch time so that they can have a nap in the middle of the day and stay up later as a family. Seriously, they get camp beds out in the middle of the office! It’s completely safe here. I feel safer walking back on my own at 11pm in the dark with no street lights, than I do walking some places in the daytime in the UK. Their time is valued at work, they are paid double, triple, quadruple the amounts we are paid in the UK, and that’s with accommodation and food included most of the time! (Teaching this is). All of this means that everyone is out shopping, eating, drinking tea in one of the hundreds of tea shops. Enjoying life.

Spending the day by the water at Lake Bled

This is really all a reason that since my first trip inter-railing with my best friend back in 2015 for 5 weeks, literally running through a total of 17 countries, I have not been able to stop. I think I need to stop telling myself that this will be the last trip whenever I return, because I know it won’t be!

The Leap

This time around, the decision came from a build-up of things, I’ve already mentioned losing my dad in February and after that I really didn’t know what I was doing. I travelled to Bali and Lombok, I quit my job, I started another and quit that and started another where I thought I would settle until this trip popped up.

Wandering through rice fields in Bali

Matt and I were speaking, and he had come across the deal online, we’re regularly in contact with our branch of STA Travel anyway and we thought we would just see what the deal was. So after a trip to visit them, discovering that it really was something we couldn’t turn down and realising that we need to do this now, we booked it!

Our local branch is the one in Chelmsford, in Essex, and we always speak to a woman called Hayley there, she’s amazing! She always sorts any issues straight away and organises the BEST itineraries, head to the website here, or give her a call on the local branches number (01245 208744). –

Watching the sunset in Tenerife

Really, I would just say, take the leap. Book the trip, worry about what happens when you come home later and everything will fall in to place. You only regret what you miss out on!

Taking the leap

Vicki xo

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Travel - Why Taking The Leap Is Always Right
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