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About Us

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“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta


How Just Off Out is only just beginning… (The site may seem a bit bare, we’re constantly adding to pages so bare with us!)

We’re Vicki and Matt and we’re a couple from Essex who are blogging our travels for you to follow along with at Just Off Out!

We’re sure you’ve accidentally come across our page, but before you click that back button why not read a little bit further and discover what we’re up to?


About Vicki

Not really sure how to describe myself, this really feels like you’re reading my diary or thoughts so I’ll start here!

I’ve previously travelled quite a lot actually, including almost all of Europe, which I ran through in 5 weeks with my best friend inter-railing when I was 21. I’ve come to realise that it must be my passion, alongside learning languages and experiencing other cultures. I can speak Spanish (if you speak slowly) and we’re currently learning Mandarin whilst living in China. This does mean that the office life isn’t really for me in that respect (I fidget way too much for that!) as I’m always on the move.

I love to try out everything! Food, adventure, culture and countries. I love to read and learn new things as well, so check out our creative journeys section which shows all of the things we’re in to at the moment. Travelling on 22 hour bus journeys really does give you the opportunity to try it all out!

We’re on an extremely tight budget whilst trying to adventure as much as possible (I’ve got a lot of experience in this too! Think a £20 a day budget including food and hostels in Europe). So…. to summarise, if you want to travel but need to do it cheap whilst not missing out on anything, you’re in the right place!

If you like my writing, look out for my initial at the top and click this link for a more in depth introduction to me!

About Matt

Check out my writing by keeping an eye out for my initial, it’ll look like the letter at the start of a book’s chapter or a travel-based play.

It’s my first real experience travelling, so look out for my tips… it’s probably a good idea if you want to learn from my mistakes and look a bit more impressive to your hostel mates than the hopeless tit I came across as!

I dreamed of travelling with the love of my life for a while, sadly it’s not easy to take my dog Jasper all over the world so here I am travelling with my #1 backup plan and it’s alright so far…

I’m a lover of books, games, TV and all things nerdy. I enjoy food a bit too much as well, and love to try all manner of weird and wonderful (or not-so-wonderful) things. Also I’m not vegetarian so best of both worlds right… If you’re looking for someone with a fashion sense above wearing a beaten up pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some trainers that don’t match everything else, look for Vicki.

I’m pretty self-deprecating and I like to wind Vicki up a fair bit so don’t take it all too seriously, I’m sure she doesn’t mind and what she doesn’t read can’t hurt right… 😉

For a more dragged out introduction to myself as the second wheel on this trip, click here.

About Us

Photo of us when we were younger
A photo of us when we were aged 19, living together at university!

We met at the age of 17, became best friends and went off to the same university together. Fast forward 6 years, and we’ve become much more than that. A year and a trip to Barcelona and Bali later and 2017 has just about finished us off… so we took the leap and booked up a trip of the lifetime.

We’re about to start exploring temples and running through streets to make our overnight buses in an attempt to cover 6 countries and 22 stops in 5 weeks, before teaching English in China for 6 months. If you stick with us through that then we’re off for another 5 weeks, through another 4 countries and another 22 stops including overnight stays in temples and snow monkey hot springs. Well that’s the plan!

We love everything about travelling, food and other cultures.. it’s sort of the reason we’ve packed everything up and took off!

We’ll cover everything from; how to survive South East Asia, navigating countries with no concept of vegetarianism in East Asia and how we’ve muddled through a hectic plan to see everything, it’s all on this blog.

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