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Photo Gallery

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Continue clicking through our photo gallery for a little selection from the places that we’ve visited! Of course we have hundreds more… but we thought that you’d like these the most.


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Phnom Penh

The Killing Fields


Genocide is so recent to this city, it’s still important to remember. Click here.





Siem Reap

Exploring Temples


These temples are something else, we tried to see a sunrise but it was cloudy like always! The photos still speak for themselves though, click here!




Sunsets and boats


This beach is in all the travel photos but click here to see why we didn’t like it!






Enjoying these empty walls




Click here to see the country we now call home




Views at Shao Yang Tower



Exploring this pagoda on a hill and parks in Shaoguan was a perfect break. Click here to see more of these views!



The view of the skyline is pretty great too


This is our home for 5 months and we loved it within weeks! Click here to see this non-touristy part of China that we call home



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Don Det

These sunrise views from our balcony were incredible


Sunsets, sunrises, hammocks and beaches… Don Det is stunning, click here to see it yourself!

Luang Prabang

The bluest waterfalls we’ve ever seen


Our one night stop in Luang Prabang included a trip to these incredible waterfalls, click here to see how blue they really are!



Vang Vieng

Discovering hidden caves at Blue Lagoon


This is seriously the most picturesque place we’ve ever seen, we kayaked through the mountains and discovered hidden places like this. Click here!



The sun over Patuxai Victory Monument


Our first stop in Laos and we fell in love with this country. The food, the coffee, the temples and the sunset, click here to experience it!



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Myanmar (Burma)


Morning mist

We’re sure you’ve seen some sunrise hot air balloons before, but make sure you check these out over the temples of Bagan by clicking here


Lake Inle

It really does look better than the photos


Click here and you won’t be disappointed in the photos of this village set on a Lake




Walking through white stupas inside Kuthodaw Pagoda


To see these beautiful temples in such an untouched country, click here!




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A photo of us jumping in front of Wat Arun
Us jumping in front of Wat Arun



Click here for our selection of Bangkok photos!


 Chiang Mai

The both of us and the two baby elephants



Head over to our photo gallery for Chiang Mai



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The first stop off is this view looking over the skyline of the whole of the city.




Doha feels like future, see it in our photo gallery here!



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Da Lat

The power of Datanla Waterfall



View our very brief run around Da Lat here!





Ha Long Bay

The view from the top of Ha Long Bay


The views of Ha Long Bay are beautiful, click here to see how we explored these karsts!




The contrast inside Hoa Lo Prison


This prison really got to us. Click here to see why, alongside some of the amazing food we got to eat.





Ho Chi Minh

The sun setting over Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica


Ho Chi Minh was our first stop in Vietnam and we fell in love with the country, food and sights. Click here to see why!



Hoi An

The lanterns of Hoi An


This town set on a river of floating lanterns is something that stole us. You have got to see this here!



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