Top Must Sees

Top Must Sees

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Keep scrolling for our top three must sees for every destination that we’ve been to so far in no particular order. We’ve limited these sightseeing destinations to things we’ve done and seen, not everything that’s available.


Just in case you’re at a loss of where to start sightseeing! Head over to our full blog posts for more information on each must see.


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Phnom Penh

Symmetry inside the devastating S21 prison

1.  S21 Prison

2.  The Killing Fields

3.  Kabbas Restaurant (eat the Amok Curry here!)

For more on Phnom Penh, then click here!


Siem Reap

Temple wandering

1.  The Temple Complex of Angkor (but some of our favourites were Angkor Wat, Ta Som, Bayon and Pre Rup)

2.  Pub Street

3.  Major Cineplex Cinema (guilty film fanatics)

See our Siem Reap photo gallery here!


The setting sun over the islands in Sihanoukville

1.  Watch the sunset on the beach

2.  Play pool at one of the bars

3.  Eat more Amok curry

To see more of this incredible sunset, click here!



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The mountains over the Great Wall

1.  Yonghe Temple (Lama Temple)

2.  Yiheyuan – Summer Palace

3.  The Great Wall of China

For all of Beijing, click here!



The view from the top of Shaoguan

1.  Shaoguan Forest Park (and Shao Yang Tower)

2.  Dajian Temple

3.  Walk about the town and along the river

For all of this quick city stopover, click here!



Tiny temples in the middle of Zhongshan

1.  Sun Wen Memorial Park

2.  Fufeng Wen Tower

3.  Eat the street food on Daxin N Road

To see more of the city we call home, click here!


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The both of us walking on a beach
Sunsets on Kuta Beach


1.  Learn to surf and soak in the sun on the beach

2.  Eat Nalu bowls for breakfast every day

3.  Explore the rice terraces and coffee plantations


Photo of Vicki and Matt surfing
Surfing on Tanjung Aan beach


1.  Relax on Tanjung Aan beach

2.  Visit a traditional Sasak Village

3.  Swim in a waterfall in Senggigi

Gili Trawangan

The both of us sat on a hammock in the ocean
The sunset photo you have to get on Gili T

1.  Snorkel in the crystal clear water

2.  Bike around the whole of the island

3.  Get sunset photos with the swings in the ocean


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4000 Islands (Don Det)

The colours of the sun setting over the 4000 islands are incredible

1.  Staying in a bungalow on the waters edge

2.  Eating at Mama Leuah’s

3.  Watching the sunset from the beach by the pier

To see just how chilled these islands are, click here!


Luang Prabang

Kuang Si waterfalls are an absolute must

1.  Kuang Si Waterfalls

2.  The Night Market

3.  The Bread in the French Cafes

For more of these insanely blue waters, click here!


Vang Vieng

A hidden Buddha inside Tham Phu Kham Cave

1.  Kayaking down the Mekong Delta

2.  Tubing in the Water Cave

3.  Tham Phu Kham Cave at the Blue Lagoon

The scenery here is like no where else, make sure you see more of this here!



Exploring the streets of Vientiane


1.  Chou Anouvong Park and Night Market at sunset

2.  Cope Visitors Centre

3.  Trying local food from the bakeries, shops and markets

To see why we love this city so much, click here!


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Kuala Lumpur

The both of us in Kuala Lumpur
The both of us in Perdana Botanical Garden

1.  Hike up to Batu Caves

2.  Visit the Petronas Towers

3.  Explore Perdana Botanical Garden



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Sunrise panorama

1.  Watch the sunrise in Bagan with the hot air balloons

2.  Hitlo Minlo Temple

3.  Dhammayangy Temple

To see just how unreal these place is, click here!

We love these panoramas

Lake Inle

This tiny village is set half on the water and half on dry land, connected by this 450 yard wooden bridge that you can walk along and view daily life!


1.  Maing Thauk Bridge at Sunset

2.  Cycling around the Lake

3.  Eating freshly caught and grilled fish by the Lake

For more of this relaxed village on the water, click here!



Atumashi Monastery is stunning

1.  Mandalay Hill

2.  Kuthodaw Pagoda

3.  Shwe In Bin Monastery

For photos of all of these places click here for our Mandalay photo gallery


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Vicki and Matt in front of the Terracotta Towers in Doha
Us in front of the Terracotta Towers

1.  The Skyline

2.  The Terracotta Towers

3.  The Pearl Qatar


For our blog posts on these destinations then click here (Matts post) and here! (Vicki post). Or if you want to see what Doha really looks like, head to our Doha photo gallery here!


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Mount Tibidabo


1.  Visit La Sagrada Familia

2.  Walk through the Gothic quarter

3.  Spend an afternoon in Palau Guell


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A photo of us jumping in front of Wat Arun
Us jumping in front of Wat Arun

1.  Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)

2.  Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)

3.  The Grand Palace

For more on Bangkok then click here! (Vicki’s post) Or click here for our Bangkok photo gallery if you want to see more photos like this!

Chiang Mai

The both of us and the two baby elephants

1.  Wat Phan Tao

2.  An Elephant Sanctuary (a true sanctuary not one that pretends to be one)

3.  Bamboo Rafting down the Mae Wang River

For more photos, including more elephants, click here for our Chiang Mai photo gallery.


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Da Lat

The beauty of Datanla waterfall


1.  Hike around Datanla Waterfall

2.  Drink Vietnamese coffee

3.  Walk by the waterfront

For more of these waterfalls then click here!


Halong Bay

The view from the top of Ha Long Bay


1.  Hike up Ti Top island to view the bay from above

2.  Explore Hang Sun Sot Cave

3.  Kayak amongst the karsts and take it all in

The unreal limestone karsts are all in our photo gallery, click here!



Reflections in Hanoi


1.  Learn about the past in Hoa Lo Prison Museum

2.  View Tran Quoc Pagoda over the water

3.  Watch the guard change at Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Our last stop in south east Asia and we fell in love with this city, click here to see why!


Ho Chi Minh

The entry to the Cu Chi Tunnels


1.  Crawl through the Cu Chi Tunnels

2.  Explore the War Remnants Museum

3.  Wander around Ben Thanh market and buy dried mango

To see more of this beautiful city, then click here!


Hoi An

Exploring the beaches by An Bang


1.  Eat Banh Mi from Madam Khanh – the Banh Mi Queen (the reviews don’t lie on this one)

2.  Wander down the river of floating lanterns in the old city at night

3.  Explore the beaches along the coast (including An Bang)

To see our favourite place in the world, click here!


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